Private Home Care – STL is committed to keeping aging adults home for as long as they choose. We celebrate, embrace, and improve the aging experience by delivering the most customized service available. This is done by keeping caseloads for Care Coordinators as small as possible and delivering caregiver consistency through our One-Client One-Caregiver Concept.


PHC was created to offer aging adults a more personalized St. Louis home care experience that is on a level of its own. 

From the very beginning, we wanted to keep things simple. We wanted to provide the most personalized service available, so our clients could stay comfortably at home for as long as they choose. After taking a look at how home care was structured both at home, in Missouri, and around the world, we found one resounding theme among recipients of in-home care services: clients and families alike want consistency, transparency, and a team that really understands the unique needs of the individual being cared for. This sounds simple enough but the reality of home care is quite different. After an initial, standard home assessment, the home office staff send out caregivers to care for clients in their homes, with varying degrees of consistency. Oftentimes, a Coordinator or Nurse conducts an assessment and a scheduler sends out caregivers to various clients whom they may or may not have met. This model did not appeal to us. 

For this reason, we at Private Home Care – STL developed and implemented our One-Client One-Caregiver Concept whereby each client has their own consistent caregiver(s) and Care Coordinator We went a step further by keeping caseloads for Care Coordinators as small as possible so that they have ample time to get to know all of their clients. In line with our mission to provide the highest degree of personalization, all of our Care Coordinator are available to clients, their families, and caregivers 24/7. They manage and update each client’s ever-changing care plan, communicate with caregivers, and make home visits as frequently as necessary. 

This model was implemented 3 years ago. Today, 80% of our clients are full-time-56 hours per week or more- or live-in. For the majority of those, our service is an alternative to a nursing facility or a supplement for people in either assisted or independent living communities.

Our team at PHC STL sought to develop a truly different approach to home care that combines a tradition of caring for aging adults at home with the professional experience of skilled, top-notch caregivers. From our One-Client One-Caregiver Concept to continuing education and support for the caregivers who care for our clients, we are focused on providing a service that provides true peace of mind. A service we would entrust our own family members to longterm-without thinking twice.