Helpful Tips for Choosing A Home Care Provider in St. Louis


The initial step to locating an ideal home care provider is figuring out the level of care needed. Falling in two basic categories, that which cares for one’s medical needs, and the other for custodial care. This may include assistance with housekeeping, shopping trips, home meal preparation, and personal care. Such as taking a bath/shower, getting dressed, and feeding of daily meals. Depending on the individual agency, one or both types of care services may be offered. Some home care providers collaborate with other likeminded agencies to integrate a personal system of services for the individual recipient.



Various Kinds Of Home Care Agencies



* Home Health Care St. Louis


* Hospice Care Service


* Homemaker Assistance & HCA (Home Care Aide) Providers


* Staffing Assistance & Private-Duty Care



Number One Questions To Ask The Home Care Service, Providers



After deciding on the kind of home care provider services will work best for your loved one; compile a list of ideal agencies to interview! Use the checklist below to help you with evaluating a care agency that best fits his/her personal needs.



Does the individual Home Health Care St. Louis agency offer pamphlets that explain their specific services, living costs, and eligibility requirements? Most care providers equip future recipients with a copy of their (Patient Bill of Rights). Outlining the personal Rights & Responsibilities of each provider group member, participant, and the caregivers themself.



How long has the care provider establishment been rendering their services?



Are they a Medicare-certified facility?



Do they have a state license?



Can this particular care agency provide you with their Medicare/Insurance policies and if the participant has an out-of-pocket cost? They should have a good track record with personal references backing them up.



What kind of services does the care provider offer?



Does the home care agency offer services your loved one needs like Occupational or physical therapy?



Will they be able to meet the requirements he/she may need?



What type of specif skills and training do their staff members have?



Does the provider do thorough background checks on their employees?



Does the care agency keep written records of staff member policies, special benefit packages, and malpractice insurance? You’re loved one will most likely receive better services from employees who abide by the company’s specific rules, policies, and regulations! To what extent is their background check (this may vary depending on the state you live in)?



Will the nurses and therapists perform an evaluation of his/her own personal needs and care? If they do, will the home care provider contact their family about the results? Each and every one of the staff members including physicians should keep you updated on his/her progress! Effectively communicating your loved one’s prescription changes and/or any additional therapies he/she is receiving. The more you know the better off everyone will be! So, do not hesitate to inquire about the progress of their home care recipient.



Does the agency involve the individual and their family in future goal setting and/or developmental planning?



Are they involved in any care plan changes which may occur?



Do they keep written records on the recipient’s personal treatment plan including tasks that every professional staff member is assigned?



Does the home care provider have supervisors to check on their recipient’s care received? If so, how often do they visit?



Is there a contact person for the individual and his/her family to contact for future inquiries and/or complaints?



What are the care provider’s procedures for problem-solving? This will give you a better understanding of the home health care St. Louis agency’s caregiver performance! It also shows their one-on-one response to a recipient’s everchanging needs.



How does the care provider handle financial procedures?



Do they have written documentation of the care agency’s finance policy and any payment options they offer?



How does the agency handle emergency situations and do they contact the next of kin?



Does the provider have around the clock caregiver assistance on hand 24/7? Every company is different and some don’t require staff to be there all week long!



Inquire About Company References



Last, but not least, inquire about the St. Louis Health Care Provider’s past references. Including, but limited to personal physicians, discharge plans, previous recipients and/or their families. Make an appointment to speak with a supervisor and ask: How frequently do they get client referrals? What kind of client reviews have they received from previous recipients or their loved ones?




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