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Chesterfield in home health careHome health care can be a great, alternative option to those who are recovering from any kind of serious illness or hospitalization. When given the option, most of us prefer to be treated and given our medical care from the safety and comfort of our own home. PHC Chesterfield in home health care offers a wide variety of services from their qualified, professional health care workers. These services include speech therapy, skilled nursing, and occupational and physical therapy.

It can be somewhat difficult to find the perfect home health care worker that suits you and your household needs. However, we try to make it as easy as possible for you. In Chesterfield, our home health care agencies must be licensed by the state in order to provide services, and many of them go the extra mile of being licensed by Medicare as well. There are federal and state regulations that all home health care agencies have to comply with, or be shut down, but this does not mean you have to take just any home health care professional – find the right person to collaborate with you. We promise you, it will be worth it. Read through the following steps to ensure that you find the right person to help you on your medical journey and choose the best home in home healthcare agency in Chesterfield.


Chesterfield home health care agencyFirst, research all of your options. Where you want to start is with recommendations, shared by people who were going through their own medical journeys. Go talk to your family, friends, neighbors – anyone and everyone you know. Go to your doctor or the person who discharged you to ask them for a referral. In St. Louis, there are several places you can call or go to, to ask for a referral – the St. Louis Area Agency on Aging and the Mid-East Area Agency on Aging are great options for you to find out more information on home health care options. You can also use the Home Health Compare tool, provided by Medicare to search for Medicare and Medicaid certified home health companies, and compare them. Finding out the quality of their service to their patients is extremely important in your decision making.

In-Home Care v. Home Health Care

Home health care is not the same thing as receiving in-home care. In-home care references a person receiving personal care from hired aides, such as housekeeping, bathing, dressing, and other things, while home health care refers to health care received while at home.

How to Pay for Services

You can access either public or private assistance in order to pay for the home health care you will receive. If you have Medicare (Part A and/or Part B), then generally Medicare will pay for all of the care you receive in your own home. Find out if you qualify for Medicare’s services by reading the Medicare booklet on home health care services. You will receive all of your answers there. If you are a veteran, then there are other governmental health care plans that you can use, like your VA medical benefits, that can help pay for your home health care.

If you have private health care insurance, then that is another option – but it will depend on the type of coverage and plan that you have. Your insurance plan can be coordinated with your employer, retiree, or spouse’s health insurance.

For some people, they may only be able to private pay using their own money, with some family members helping them to keep their personal contribution lower – particularly if their insurance does not cover a certain need that they have or they still need care outside of what their insurance covers.

Screen your providers

Once you have collected all of this information on the Chesterfield home health care providers, you want to study it carefully and evaluate the level of care you believe you will receive at each of their agencies. Pick the best two that you think will help you, and interview them thoroughly. Ask lots of questions that are unique to your situation. Make sure that you feel safe and connected to them – that you trust them. These types of relationships are very important, especially as it deals with your health, and you don’t want to feel as though you cannot trust who you are working with.

Before you decide to hire anyone, ask them for references and check out the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any serious complaints or issues you haven’t heard about.

This can be a time-consuming process – finding the right home health care agency – but we promise the research and patience that you need to have is worth it when you find the best one that suits your needs. Finding a great agency that works with you will give you more peace of mind and reduce your stress in a time that is already stressful enough. Please reach out to us at PHC Chesterfield in home health care.