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Consistency is at the heart of well structured home health care services. Our focus, passion, and goal at Private Home Care-STL is to create and nurture a caregiver/client relationship that exceeds all expectations. The trust established between a caregiver and their client, as well as between clients and PHC is of utmost importance to our team. We want to not only be a provider of care, but also a dependable resource for clients and their families to turn to. For that reason, each client’s Coordinator is reachable 24/7 and serves as an extension to care provided at home. We are here to go the extra mile. These guiding principles of personalization  are what we call our Our One Client-One Caregiver Concept-a concept which combines caregiver consistency with care transparency, and customization.

  • Caregiver consistency
    • After a thorough home assessment, clients are matched to a primary caregiver and a Care Coordinator. Clients and their families often play an active role in the selection of the caregiver(s). If there is ever a change in a client’s regular caregiver(s)-due to illness, vacation leave, or for any reason-each client’s Care Coordinator will personally orient the new caregiver. This is one of the many ways we keep the number of people entering the home of our clients to a minimum, transitions smooth, and all parties involved in the care on the same page.
  • Care transparency 
    • We keep caseloads for Care Coordinators as small as possible so they can devote ample time to really understand the needs of their clients. They are available to clients, caregivers, and families 24/7. Care Coordinators and caregivers communicate on a regular- sometimes daily-basis to ensure the expectations of our clients are being exceeded and that caregivers are receiving the appropriate support. The role of Care Coordinators at PHC is unique and dissimilar to the role of similar professionals at other companies-just ask them!
  • Customization
    • All services are tailored to the unique needs of each client. We understand that home health care needs change. Care plans are updated regularly to reflect these changes.
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