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The level of care that your loved one needs will be the most important factor in deciding what type of home care service will be needed. There are two main kinds of care service that can be provided by PHC St Charles In Home Health Care.

If care is required which will address medical needs, then this is known as skilled care. Custodial care is the other type, and this involves helping people with tasks that they might find difficult in their daily life such as washing, preparing meals and dressing. There are companies that specialize in one of type of care, whereas others will only focus on the one.

There are four main types of home care organizations:

– Hospices

– Home Health Agencies

– Home Care Aide and Homemaker Agencies

– Staffing and Private-Duty Agencies

Questions You Should Ask Home Care Agencies

St Charles in home health care agencyOnce you know what type of care your loved one needs, then you can draw up a short-list of agencies that could provide this care. It is a good idea to also have a list of questions that you want to ask each of these agencies. At PHC Home Health Care in St. Charles we are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Some example questions can be found below.

-Do they produce literature that explains the services that they offer?

-Do they have a ‘Bill of Rights’ that protects the rights of the person being cared for?

-How long have home care services been offered by the provider?

-Has the agency been certified by Medicare?

-Does the agency have a license from the state?

-Do they make clear what costs will be covered by insurance so you know how much you have to contribute?

-What are the specific services that the agency can offer and are these the ones that you need?

-How are employees chosen and do they receive full training?

-Do all staff have to undergo background checks?

-Are their employees treated well with written policies in place and a benefits package?

-Do the care needs of your loved one need to be evaluated by a therapist or nurse?

-If so, would this be done in consultation with you and their physician?

-Will the client and members of their family be involved in developing the care plan?

-Will they also be involved if any changes to the plan are needed?

-Is the treatment documented so that a note is made of all specific tasks that will need to be carried out?

-Do supervisors visit clients to witness the quality of care that is being given and how often do these visits take place?

-If the family of the client has any questions or complaints, then who should they contact?

-How are problems followed up on and ultimately resolved?

-Are there policies in place to ensure that caregivers can respond to the changing care needs of the client?

-Are the financial procedures of the agency documented in writing?

-Will you be given a breakdown of all the costs that are associated with delivering a care plan and are details of the payment plan included?

-Are there procedures in place for dealing with any emergency that may arise?

-Are care services offered on a 24 hour basis and is this available seven days a week?

-If the regular caregiver is unable to attend the visit, will a replacement be sought in good time?

These are just examples of questions that could be asked, and you may have a more specific query that has not been covered here. A good agency will take the time to answer as many questions as you have. It is often a good idea to schedule a meeting with the agency and to take a list of things that you want to ask.

As well as asking questions of the agency, you should also ask to see references from existing clients, their families and medical professionals. Again, this is something we are happy to provide at St Charles In Home Health Care. Some agencies will allow you to contact these references directly to ask them about their experience. This will enable you to get a broader picture of the effectiveness of the care that the agency provides.